I’m Not Cool… and I Don’t Care

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  • May 7, 2013
That guy is cool.  (That is not me.)
As I approach the “Early Stage of Middle Age” (40-45) I realize I am officially over-the-hill.

I also realize that the world is changing very quickly.

For example, I’m a writer in a world where fewer people read.

They skim.

They scan.

They glance.

They text or tweet or IM.

But they don’t really read.

Most emails are never opened.  Only half of you will open and read this one (on a good day).

Most books are never read by the people who purchase them.

So writers have to adapt.  I have to write short stuff.  Small words.  Or people won’t pay attention.

And when it comes to writing for a Christian audience, there’s an even higher standard.

I’ve studied this for a few years and I think I have finally discovered the secret.

If you’re going to write for a Christian audience, you have to be COOL.

You don’t have to be particularly good at writing.

You don’t have to be original.

You don’t have to be Scriptural.

You don’t even have to be accurate.

You just have to look cool, sound cool, and say cool things that Christians want to hear.

I apologize to my international readers; maybe “cool” isn’t the right word (I’m a child of the 1970′s, when everybody knew what “cool” was).

Maybe a better word for Christian authors, teachers, and preachers is being “relevant.”

Ah, to be relevant is to be cool!

It’s cool to talk about things that are relevant – you know, things that people are excited about, worried over, or interested in.

Let’s talk about sex – that always gets people’s attention.

Let’s talk about homosexuality – that’s a hot-button issue.

Let’s talk about relationships and community – it’s on the forefront of Christian people’s minds.

Let’s talk about politics – great way to stir up the emotions.

Let’s talk about what good Christians should or should not do in the world – that always gets people riled up.

Let’s talk about the newest Christian music band, rock star, or worship song.

Let’s be a little bit controversial, because that always draws a crowd.  People love controversy.

And let’s dress and talk and carry ourselves in a such a “cool” way that the world would never suspect that we are followers of Jesus.

Then (at just the right moment) we can “come out” and say, “Yeah… I’m a Christian.”  And we can feel good about how cool and free and relevant and not that much different from the world we are; so cool that no one would have ever known we actually belong to Jesus unless we said something.

Well, I think that’s dumb.

So I guess I’m not cool.

And you know what?

I don’t care.

Because being “cool” or “relevant” or whatever you call it is really just a nice way of saying, “I’m a man-pleaser, not a God-pleaser.”

Why would you want to be a man-pleaser?

Many of the Jews believed in Jesus but would not say so because “they loved the praises of men more than the praises of God.”

I realize it’s not cool to talk about Scriptural integrity, reading the Bible, and prayer.

“Too ritualistic!” they cry.

I realize it’s not cool to talk about discipleship and taking up the Cross daily.

“Too legalistic!” they cry.

I realize it’s not cool to harp on the same basic teachings and foundational truths, year after year.

“Too simplistic!” they cry.

I realize people will get tired of hearing the same teachings presented and will move on to something more relevant, punchy, short, sweet, and titillating – or as they like to say, something “fresh.”

And I don’t care.

For every one person who gets tired of hearing Truth repeated, there are a thousand others who have never heard Truth before.

I also know that Mastery consists of learning a few basic principles and then practicing those basic principles every single day.  No exceptions.

You can call it legalistic, ritualistic, simplistic.  Well, so is breathing – but breathing is necessary for living.

You can call it old-fashioned, boring, irrelevant, and not-cool.

I call it spiritual maturity, living by Scriptural principles, and producing fruit.

The Cross was never intended to be “cool.”  Neither is being a follower of Christ.

And when God speaks, it isn’t always want you want to hear, or what you think you need, or what you even asked for.

It’s so interesting that Jesus did not fit the message to the audience; He required the audience to fit themselves to the message.

Just about every expert says that Jesus told parables to make spiritual truths easier to understand.

That is the opposite of what the Bible says.

Jesus said He used parables to conceal the truth and make the message harder to understand, not easier.

Does that shock you?

He didn’t try to become more “relevant.”

He was not interested in being “cool.”

In fact, He knew something that a lot of Christian authors, teachers, and preachers have either forgotten, or never fully realized: that the audience will judge, but there is only One Person you have to please, and He’s the only One Whose judgment counts for anything.

And what’s really interesting is this: when I’m writing for Him (not for my audience), amazingly, more people write in to say, “That’s just what I needed” or, “That confirms what God was telling me earlier” or, “That was an answer to prayer.”

See how it works?

I don’t have the ability to decide what is or is not “relevant” for you.

Neither do you.  We don’t know what we need.  We don’t know what we don’t know.

But He knows what you need, and when you need it.

And by putting Him first, I am able to tap into His wisdom so He can touch you where you are.

Now that’s “cool.”


Present truth.

And relevant to boot.

I’m not called to be COOL; I’m called to be FAITHFUL.

96 comments on “I’m Not Cool… and I Don’t Care

  1. Connie on said:

    Couldn’t agree more.

  2. miguel on said:

    Agree. Totally

  3. Sharon on said:

    I agree whole-heartily. I’m not cool either. Thank the Lord!

  4. Martial on said:

    For me that is really cool to be in the truth.I think is the best post i read this year.
    its better to be faithfull than cool, definately only One person is the Judge, the Creator King , not sinners…
    Thanks Bro

  5. Carol HARSHMAN on said:

    I love Jesus and this article. Keep them coming please. God Bless :)

  6. LOGAN GOVENDER on said:


  7. Marius Braxton on said:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! The very ones that we try to impress with our “coolness” are the ones that are never satisfied,never loyal and always looking for the next great thing. I choose to please the Audience of One. Thanks, Chip.

  8. Paul Harbin on said:

    Amen. It is interesting how many folks don’t seem to believe that we were called to be a people apart from the world. In it but of it!

  9. Wendy Ann on said:

    Yep – we ( believers) aren’t cool – when I hear the word “cool or relevant” – this brings me to the verse I have been meditating on for a while now – “Friends with the WORLD is enemy with God”, so I choose to be God’s friend and remain “uncool” to the world. Great article

  10. Barry Dehart on said:

    Jesus wasn’t cool either. When he was perceived to be cool he by those who were following he went out of his way to bring the hard truths and the followers of cool fell way and he never chased after them. You my friend look like the uncool Jesus of truth. Don’t ever be discouraged of being truth no matter how uncool it is. Tring to measure the success of our message by the coolness of our following is not the way of the cross as you well know. “…and few will find it” is a hard truth and even fewer understand it.
    Blessings and encouragement is my prayer for you.

  11. Brian Mines on said:

    I am 76 and not over the hill yet (or so I think). I am of that age that still thinks that cool is something that has just come out of the refrigerator. Otherwise, most of those expressions just cause me to have a ‘seniors moment’ and laugh all the way to heaven.

  12. Shirley on said:

    Amen! Stay uncool and keep the teachings coming! By the way, I am 72 and don’t consider myself “over the hill” – my body might be 72, but “over the hill” is a state of mind.

  13. Timi on said:

    Awe … That was a breath of fresh air! Thank you Chip!
    We know that just as with the latest trends …cool comes and goes you can be cool today and out and lame tomorrow but thanks be to God who never changes that He’s the same yesterday ,today & forever! He’s faithful even though everything on this earth constantly changes. The older I get the more I’ve resolved that my deepest desire is to be found in Him. I’ve been meditating on Solomon’s life and wow did he nail it “all is vanity”. My question is why does it take us half a lifetime to figure that out?? This kingdom life is totally opposite world that’s for sure!

  14. Julie on said:

    Yes, Amen Chip. You and I and all the called out ones are not called to be cool but to be faithful. Let it be so Lord.

  15. Brian Harrison on said:


  16. Carol on said:

    I was reading Oswald Chambers this morning too and wanted to share a bit of it:
    ” A servant of God must stand so much alone that he never knows he is alone. In the first phases of Christian life disheartenments come, people who used to be lights flicker out, and those who used to stand with us pass away. We have to get so used to it that we never know we are standing alone. ‘All men forsook me….notwithstanding The Lord stood with me’ (2Tim. 4:16-17)
    We must build our faith, not on the fading light, but on the light that never fails.

  17. Styves on said:

    Thank God for the Tsadok’s ones, those that are serving Jesus first and not falling into the cool majority, ego boasted. Bro Chip continue the good work, you’re more than cool, you’re really a light, a model in Christ, for this distortioned and evil generation. Glory to God. Love.

  18. Clare Watts on said:

    TOTALLY agree, Chip! Thank you. I loved what you said, “It’s so interesting that Jesus did not fit the message to the audience; He required the audience to fit themselves to the message”. May God ALWAYS give us the courage NOT to be afraid of the faces, and not fit the words WE speak to those around us, but to always be true to God before what man thinks.

  19. E. Okiemute Samuel on said:

    I can not disagree, I choose to agree ‘cos it is the truth…

  20. Heidi McClain on said:

    Chip, Im not cool either. I think I realized it for real when I held my first child in my arms. Real life is not for wimps and its not for “cool” people.

    And just for the record, I read. I read LONG articles because I want to absorb and learn. I’ve read probably every article you’ve ever written. Over and over on some of them. The article on “priests of The Lord” literally changed my walk with God. And it has formed the way I live. And teach. And pray. And read. So keep writing long articles. I’m not the only one who reads. And there are a whole LOT of us who don’t care to be cool and are just plain nerds.

  21. GM Chip,
    Good article. I am definitely over the hill and have witnessed so much change in the world we live in from when I was a child. Technology today is amazing from what I experienced growing up. We have every kind of electronic gadget thinkable let alone computers…so much at our fingertips to make life so easy.
    Not to mention fast food restaurants, and easy to make box-can-and packaged foods in the grocery stores for fast paced life styles (or lazy;-) ) It doesn’t seem like anyone wants to ‘work’ for anything….just instant gratification. It took us 25 yrs. to get siding on our house and were so excited we had saved enough to finally do it. It seems today, so many young couples jump right into the most expensive they can get and fill their 2 car garage with the latest models.

    Seems like the church has gone the same direction doesn’t it? Easy gospel, tickle my ears and make me feel good. Keep it short and sweet and let’s hit the donuts and Latte’s. So many churches have turned into what seems more like social clubs making members feel good but nothing really pertaining to true church. No, Jesus was not cool or relevant. Nobody seemed to understand him.

    Many today, choose the easy way of pleasing man, doing church man’s way with easy gospel and traditions of men not really trying to understand God’s way for it might cost them too much. It might be too hard. It’s easier to fit in and please men rather than God. As you mentioned there is only One to please and that is Jesus. I’ve been on the other side and I choose Jesus and His Life and His Way-His Gospel. I am so thankful He showed me the Way, the Truth and the Life. I may not be cool but I am His.

  22. John David on said:

    I couldn’t agree less…. Keep it coming Please…

  23. Seth on said:

    A needed word. Today it seems the church is being seduced by the spirit of the age and in the process of rethinking which I think is important we have been discarding the foundational truths of Christ and Scripture. Those that right about and for Christ aught to be sign posts pointing to Christ and the Cross. Not simply sprinkling Christ onto the latest topic. My heart breaks for our brothers and sisters who want to be true the thee Truth yet are being swayed away by spirit of this world.
    Thanks for not being so cool Chip it means a lot.

  24. Philip on said:

    What you are saying is the truth and God has predicted it in Phil 4:3. God Bless you for your commitment to God instead of man.

  25. Marion Clark Ingram on said:

    THUMBS UP!!!

  26. Carolyn on said:

    Tell it,tell it all.
    The word tells us we can’t serve two master.
    Amen again.

  27. Jody on said:

    COOL, a relevant word to those who think that speaking what the majority claims as of importance when all the while missing what the LORD has to say about a thing!

  28. Kevin on said:

    It’s that taking up my cross daily and walking in the Spirit and following hard that’s hard for me. The cool thing is not an issue.

  29. chuck selander on said:

    Chip, one word of advice–STAY UNCOOL.

  30. Larry J Myers on said:

    I was all set to give you an answer until you wrote, “that’s dumb” and gave yourself the answer. It’s a brilliant (caused by the Light) article. Thanks! Keep listening in to the Holy Spirit Broadcast.

    Larry J Myers

  31. Alicia on said:

    Praise God for the plain truth, in all its splendor.

    • Tom Carter on said:

      Amen, Brother Chip! Well said, we as clergy are not called to preach what will necessarily tickle one’s ears, rather to preach the Truth of God’s Word and the Message of Jesus Christ, and allow the listener to fit the message to themselves! Shalom.

  32. Ken Burgess on said:

    Chip, thank God you ain’t cool. I ain’t cool either and glad not to be. I once thought I was cool but then I read what Jesus said to the Laodicean church in Revelation 3:15-16 “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot: I would prefer you to be cold or hot. So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spit you out of my mouth.” Nuff said.

    • Garry Ballard on said:

      I love that! And I’m going to use it whenever I’m preaching on the seven churches. We could even paraphrase it to say ‘because you are cool I’ll spit you out of my mouth’!

  33. Bruce on said:

    Yes and Amen…. I can’t say anything more!

  34. Lynn on said:

    Dear Chip :-) I tried to think of a time when I didn’t agree with you…can’t think of one. I always wait to read your emails cause I want my mind to be awake in the morning so my heart can say amen. I’m 65 this year..my forties where great years. I felt like the Lord showed himself to be so strong in my life during that time, but the truth is …He is showing himself to be very strong right now. I always wonder how I’m going to make it in this life,since I was a child, I never felt at home on this earth, now my spouse has gone home and I’m alone with Jesus. This world is definitely not our home but soon and very soon…we will see our King!

  35. Laetitia on said:

    I agree with you, THUMPS UP ,

  36. Virginia on said:

    Yes, Chip, you have been un-cool for a very long time. I have been reading your articles and books for about 10 years now. I have been blessed many times by your articles, books, and by “Infinite Supply”. Through the years there were many difficult days that I read something you wrote that helped me through the day, grow spiritually, understand more and love the Lord more. I pray God’s blessings for you, Karla, and your family. Your work is a very important to me and I love you all.

  37. Tonya on said:

    This is so right on, Chip! When Christ is not the center all the jargon is hot air and filler to replace the Christ. I am not cool, either and I don’t care! The real Christ is so simple. Thanks.

  38. John Arnall on said:

    Thank you, Chip. Makes me glad I’m not cool.

  39. Catrise Paige on said:

    You nailed me again dude! You truly are my brother in Christ. Same Holy Spirit working in you. Love y’all!! <3

  40. Brenda Brown on said:

    Haven’t you heard? 50 is the new young, so you’re just a babe! (in yrs) I read, Chip… I have all your current books and have devoured them all…some parts over and over…I believe I have read all your articles, some many times over…Write some more!!

    And, yes, you are not cool…your writings are always “stepping on my toes”, tearing down something that shouldn’t be there, causing me to seek “readjustment” in my life, and challenging the heck out of me…

    Unless God leads you to, don’t change a thing…don’t “sugar coat” it…,don’t shorten it…,don’t give a thought to what you think we want to hear…

    Just LOAD UP with God’s Fullness and FIRE! His TRUTH will hit His intended mark!

    Remember in your book Embrace the Cross you spoke on the SEED in our hand becoming a forest, and that it’s not our job to make the Seed grow, but to just put it in the ground…

    Just keep scattering the SEED!!! Just keep putting them in the ground…they will die, and God is causing the Increase of Fruit in all our lives…

    I can assure you, Chip, we are all “dieing” out here!! We keep coming back for more!! Glory to God!!!

    Many thanks, My Brother.
    Brenda Brown

  41. Rick on said:

    Thanks Chip! Love to hear truth spoken (written). Not cool, over the hill, what ever the case… He must increase, I must decrease! You are a voice in the wilderness crying out and I love to hear it!

  42. Toney Jackson on said:

    Yes and amen…dying to know Him, living to love Him. I’m so open to grow in sonship. My personal and yet will share the “Good News”. They need it but don’t know it. Let”s pray bout that too. Thanks for sharing and caring. Appreciate you: SOC

  43. eve on said:

    hi, i think Jesus is cool…because he is not afraid to be who he is

    and neither should we

    i am not a people pleaser, they change their opinion of you too much, but i am a Jesus pleaser

    being yourself and standing up for what you believe in is a great freedom that Christ has given us and as we worship him through his word with his truth we are cool like him

    cool in our Father’s eyes

    who wants to hang around people anyway trying to fit in their mould/idea of who they think you should be

    not me

    middle age…yeah i am there too… but you know actually i feel younger now as i have the confidence and freedom to be me, the me Jesus is making and it feels so good

    the world are looking for a quick happiness fix, or fame or money

    but with Jesus you are so loved that you should have joy as a natural part of your life and in this you stand apart from the crowd being free and a follower of Christ

    great article chip

    i love the new me Jesus is making, i am so happy and once i was so depressed, even though i have ms…in this i am joyful for He is with me…and i mediate on his word, i pray or talk to him all day, and the dr’s are so amazed that i am so well with no serious relapse, its been nearly 3 years of ms now and i am healthy and in Jesus i find his rest

    praise god!

    eve x uk

  44. Jean Carpenter on said:

    Whew! I guess I will never be cool, and I stopped trying a long time ago, say in elementary school. And I’m not old either, but older than you Brother Chip. For me it has been cool NOT being cool for I am working with and ministering to people in a foreign country, and being myself in Jesus the Christ has been the coolest thing. LOL! I still don’t fit in and I declare Jesus Christ on every stage in their language so they understand who I am singing about, in a country where the people just want to dance to the gospel music but not understand the message. To me, THAT’s not cool. So I tell them anyway. I’m not politically correct (can’t quite figure out what that means), and so I guess I’m still not cool. (And as you can see on my blogs, I still have not learned how to write a short message that people will just scan and text. I don’t write for everyone.) THanks much!
    Lady Jean Carpenter

  45. sue on said:

    It COOL to Love, trust, Obey Our Lord Jesus Christ. We christians need to reach out to more people ourself. God Bless You Chip for your wonderful teaching. AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Clement Awe on said:

    Dear Chip,
    Its better to state the fact rather than to be relevant. You have always stated the facts. I love reading your write up and I am always bless doing so. What the people need now is the real teaching as many adulterated teaching is littering the environment. Go on dishing out the truth. The truth will continue to set the people free. You are blessed in Jesus name

  47. Valerie on said:

    Absolutley, these are temptations in the landscape of modern day western Christianity for all of us…

    • MAO Raymonde on said:

      Merci Seigneur pour cet article pertinent qui défend la foi chrétienne. Il est vrai que de nos jours, tout ce qui est en rapport avec Jésus ou la Parole de Dieu n’intéresse plus personne. Comme il est écrit en 2 Timothée 3:3 et 4 les hommes ne supporteront plus la saine doctrine et se détourneront de la vérité pour ne retenir que des fables,
      se laissant saisir par des esprits séducteurs, s’égarant dans de vains discours ( c’est triste mais c’est la réalité ).
      Mais lorsqu’on regarde le ministère de Jésus sur la terre, on s’aperçoit qu’Il ne mâchait pas ses paroles et la vérité sortait si forte et puissante de sa bouche, ramenant celui qui l’écoutait à réaliser sa misère spirituelle. Si nous sommes devenus chrétiens, nous aussi nous devons avoir le même discours que Jésus et non pas apporter un message qui caressera celui qui l’entend dans le sens du poil, tout au contraire il est essentiel que le pur message de l’évangile soit annoncé, sachant qu’en retour celui-ci ne trouvera pas forcément le chemin de leur cœur.
      Il est écrit en 1 Pierre 3:15 mais sanctifiez dans vos cœurs Christ Le Seigneur, étant toujours prêts à vous défendre, avec douceur et respect, devant quiconque vous demande raison de l’espérance qui est en vous.
      Le seul choix qui s’impose à nous : prendre position pour La Vérité.
      Et comme le dit si bien Galates 1:6 si je plaisais encore aux hommes, je ne serais pas serviteur de Christ.
      Merci Chip pour ton article qui ravive ma détermination à servir Le Roi des rois et Seigneur des seigneurs et qu’à Dieu Seul revienne toute la Gloire, oui et amen

  48. Bryce Leggett on said:

    By trying being relevant, I think the church has become irrelevant. We are trying to compete with the world by “churchianizing” what they do better. Why would I want to read a crappy article, or see a bad concert centered around God; when I can read a great one, and see an amazing concert in the world. Jesus is the only thing we have to offer that the world doesn’t have.

    One thing I might slightly disagree with; “It’s so interesting that Jesus did not fit the message to the audience; He required the audience to fit themselves to the message.”

    But Jesus made it easy for those certain people to fit themselves to his messages. He was talking largely to an agricultural and fishermen communities; its not a coincidence that most of his parables we’re centered around the two. He fit his stories to the people who were listening.

    Chip, I’m 20. You’re cool.

  49. Georgi Sofroniev on said:

    At the center!
    I am your brother

  50. Dana on said:

    I don’t know! I think you are pretty cool. In fact I think, “The Prophetic Mandate” is probably the coolest christian book I’ve read in a long time. It was very refreshing! I think Jesus life as portrayed in the gospels was very cool. – At least until the cross. I guess that’s when our coolness is lost, when we have to take up our cross daily and follow. In reality though, knowing God or being known by God is the coolest thing, it’s just that most people don’t see it yet.

  51. Reem on said:

    That is way cool brother Chip. Maybe some people don’t like what you write and like you said they can go else where. We love your writings and that is why we are here. I for one am with you for the long run. And about being over the hill… common I’m 41 and I feel better now than I did 10 years ago. That’s only one third your age. Most missionaries go around the world at 70. We are very young still. In Christ I am always young… mount up with wings as eagles. fly, run, walk and you won’t be weary. Take good care of your body, you owe it to God. Be fit and healthy and you’ll be able to do everything better.
    God Bless you my dear brother.

  52. Ray on said:

    Chip, Thanks for your faithfulness, but if you listen to all these posters you might end up with a fat head!!! I pray that the lord will always use you to help the ecclesia in ways that all of us can understand!!!

  53. Jonathan Osunkwo on said:

    I need his grace, because without his grace I can do nothing.

  54. Melissa Askew on said:

    What a totally “cool” and “relevant” article..We are called to be “set apart”. I see more so-called Christians saying we have to fit in more with the culture, but I see a culture who, even if subconsciously, actually hunger to see more of a difference in Christians. “Feelings” and watered-down versions of Christianity are leaving them just as empty as ever. We need to keep spelling truth out boldly and unashamedly. And we all need to support each other in doing that to stay on the right course. Thank you so much for this article..

  55. kenneth dawson on said:

    god himself is cool and im cool when he is running my life

  56. Teodoro E. Alban on said:

    Amen brother Chip, we are not our own we have been bought with a price, the precious Blood of Jesus, not to be “cool” but to be terminated Galatians 2:20 for in the New Jerusalem there will be only Gold Silver and Precious Stones. your brother in Christ Teddy.

  57. Angel Pla on said:

    “He must increase and I must decrease!” as you have stated. We are not here to be cool, relevant or the adjective you want to use. If we are Christian’s we are His for His glory. Humans have focus for too long on the wrong things. Is time to regain what He wants us to be, not what we want.

  58. Sally Packer on said:

    Hi Chip, I thank you for every word you have written and I have read. Please don’t even think of being cool, please continue to write as your words help us to have a deeper understanding of His Words. I thank you for all your faithfulness, and reading the comments I think you have no idea of the many lives you have helped by your writings. Please don’t change, please keep challenging us, it might be the only challenge we receive.

  59. William Ainsworth on said:

    I will be 77 years young this month.
    William Ainsworth

  60. Rochet Gérard et Claude-Frabce on said:

    Thanks Chip for all you are saying. Sorry my vrintting is bad, but i understand all.
    God bless you from Switzerland.

  61. Steve on said:

    Thank you so much Chip! JUST what I needed to read!!!

  62. Lorill on said:

    Amen! I have no desire to be cool. I don’t want to be anything like the world. I want to be a shining light for Him. The world is so empty. Life is only found in Christ.

  63. Jim Garcia on said:

    Succint and accurate.

  64. Janet Hagen on said:

    So true! Apparently I’m a square peg in a square hole, definitely not ‘cool”

  65. Gina on said:

    Happy reaching “Early Stage of Middle Age” (40-45)”
    I am glad you are not in that “cool” group…that’s why I listen and read your page.

  66. Lynda Bowman on said:

    I will never forget the first article I read by you, The Prophetic Savant. I knew then that the Lord had brought you into my life, & the teachings from you were truly God inspired. I was so hungry to hear Truth & not what was “relevant.” How many times (every day) I thank The Lord for you, but I realized I have never told you what a blessing your teachings are to me. I knew of no one who was teaching Galatians 2:20 & the continued work of the Cross in our daily walk. I came out of organized religion by the leading of the Holy Spirit. It was a very lonely walk & confusing at times because I didn’t see anyone else being led that way. Then you came into my life & confirmed the experience I was having. What joy, peace, & freedom! Yes, embracing the work of the Cross is painful at times, but walking with Him in relationship is worth everything! So forgive me for not taking the time until now to tell you just how grateful I am that you pay the price to hear from Him & are faithful to pass it on to those of us who were never called to be cool, but faithful.

  67. Carina Arias on said:

    Thanks you for reminding us of the most important eternal principles we so urgently need to learn. True, your messages are simple and usually revolve around the same basic message, but it’s precisely THE message that is never preached or taught in Christian circles! And without understanding the basics of OUR need to take up our Cross and die daily, how can we expect to have any true blessing either here or on the other side of eternity? Churchianity stresses present and future glory apart from affliction and persecution and well, according to the plain message of the Bible, you can’t have one without the other!
    Your teachings, while not cool and popular in the world and world-loving Churchianity, are the very breath of those of us who are serious about becoming TRUE disciples of Christ.
    Please pray to continue to receive more light to share in your simple yet profound articles. We need true prophets to point us to Christ!

  68. Mary Darrell on said:

    I had a pastor who was so amazed that when he preached a certain message or teaching, the listeners would often get out of it something totally different than the point he was making. He said that as long as he was faithfully saying what the Lord was saying, the sheep got fed!
    As for being 45, believe it or not a time will come when that will seem very “young” to you. But God has reminded me (at 76) that He told me He was going to need the Calebs and Joshuas to take the new generation into the Land!

  69. Mike Quintana on said:

    Well said Chip! Not all people are looking for the whole truth because then they would be challenged to change their life and that is not cool too them. Many people only want to hear what agrees with them because they are afraid of change. Which is why they prefer cool over truth because one make them feel good the other challenge’s them to change and become more Christ like. Christ words would not be cool today because his words of truth would challenge people to change. Believers who enjoy this life to much do not want to change it or lose it. So anybody speaking words of truth today is not cool in their eyes because you want to change their world.
    Its better for one to be hot towards God than cool for people because the reward will be better afterwards.
    Thanks Chip for challenging us

  70. Pat on said:

    Hi Chip,

    Having read your articles over the many years, one could say you were cool before it was cool to be cool.

    Your continual emphasis on the pre-eminence of Jesus in all things is probably why most everyone stays on your reading list. Those who understand the mandate of Christ increasing are fully aware of how irrelevant churchianity has become and have walked away from it, seeking their own decrease and the fulfillment of the mandate.

    Thanks for not wavering and giving in to the siren song of a false relevancy. There are many who prefer Truth (even if it’s a hard word) to the false comfort of a wame lie because of the One to whom you constantly point. And that, my friend, is cool.

  71. Sylvester LaBome Sr. on said:

    Hallelujah! Jesus had no form nor comeliness…no beauty that we should desire him (Isaiah 53:2). I don’t want to be cool either Chip….I want to burn with unquenchable fire of the Holy Ghost(Matt 3:11)! For our God is a consuming fire (Heb 12:29)

  72. Kris on said:

    I’m not cool or “groovy” – so it appears that we are two peas in a pod! Thank you Chip and Karla for all you do!

  73. Mary Ann Labreche on said:

    Never been cool…and never cared since I have known Jesus…probably wasn’t cool before conversion either :)

  74. Sam on said:

    Agree 100% and you know what? I am not cool either.

  75. Grace Ann Christian on said:

    “Cool” is the path to deception. What the Body of Christ needs is “Truth”.
    The term “forsaking all others” comes to mind. I know it’s not a verse. It’s actually spoken in wedding vows. What about the Body, the Bride of Christ? Should we forsake all others? Idols, conformation to the world, etc. “Coolness” is the approval of man, rather than the approval of God.

  76. Dave on said:

    COOL article bro! :)

  77. Alan Batch on said:

    Chip hear’s a new word for your vocabulary, “dope” its away beyond cool, apparently it encaptures all these hipp words such as cool, fabulous, awesome….and so on. But chip no matter what ever word you choose to describe yourself I know by what is written in your teachings, and I have read most of them from what I see is a man on “fire” for his savour and Lord. More power to your elbow.

  78. Robyn Bray on said:

    In spite of all that, you still manage to be the most relevant guy on the internet. The truth is ALWAYS going to strike a cord in the hearts of spiritually hungry people. What’s NOT relevant is philosophies that revere habit & manmade tradition over truth. That makes you a rebel of the “coolest” sort…. just not one without a real cause.

  79. C Tyler on said:

    I thank God for you brother chip. Your message parked me right in the church of Laodicean (Rev.3.14). Cool people, with a cool message, serving a cool god. Lord help us. Again thank you brother.

  80. Susanne on said:

    Thanks Chip!

  81. Norma on said:

    So true! Thanks for following the high road to Godly wisdom.

  82. Sandra Brown on said:

    Amen to that.. Faithfulness to the Truth is part of our calling. Thank you for the Truth.

  83. Lisa Vinson on said:

    Thanks Chip,keep pressing your way and being set a part unto Messiah.
    We appreciate your standing for TRUTH.
    Be encouraged my brother,
    your sis in Yeshua,

  84. ANDREW ILLICK on said:

    Thank you, Chip, for another insightful and purposely shorter article. I’m 46 now and I think your observation is completely true!- Most people don’t like to read anymore unless they are reading trashy romance novels, magazines or the vampire diaries! They will fill their heads full of television or what-passes-for-music for hours a day but they won’t read….especially the Bible. A couple of years ago I strongly suggested to a 19 year old that he stop believing everything that his pastor said and start reading and studying the Bible for himself. Guess what he said?…..”I don’t like to read.” (I didn’t even know how to respond so I just said ‘Oh, Okay’)
    Reading the Bible is becoming more and more uncool these days. What’s most uncool is believing that Jesus is the only Way, the only Salvation from judgment for our sins. That’s close minded and crazy to most people now. I guess I’m not cool either….oh, well.

  85. Paula on said:

    Hi Chip
    Matt 24;45
    Who then is the faithful & wise servant, whom his master has set over his household, to give them their food at the proper time?
    About 15mths ago the book the Irresistible Kingdom was food that you gave me which I am still feeding upon. One sentence was all it was, which totally changed my whole walk incredible to say the least I don’t have the words or the ability to even begin to express the revelation that has come from it.
    One little sentence. And from it he has revealed His whole purpose, His plan, His will and His desire the depths of which are unfathomable.
    So little truth is out there, so little that I actually haven’t found any other sight that I now read
    I read a couple the other day and I didn’t get much past the first paragraph.
    Thank you for being a faithful servant, The Lord is sufficient but you know those that lowered there friend at Jesus’s feet (under His authority) well it is like that is what you have done for me. You have shown me His feet “Here He Is”.

  86. Jonda on said:

    A good word in season. I’ve always admired the way God has given you of revealing the most basic tenants/doctrines in such a profound and impactful way. Always so solid, balanced, and inspired. I’m so grateful for your ability to teach.

  87. Kendall Richard Albright on said:

    Chip, Peace be with you! We are not called to be cool, or relevant, we are called to be seperate, to suffer for His name’s sake, to die to the flesh, to be filled with the Spirit, and to walk in the Spirit, to Believe God is. Can you think of any more? Chip I know you have written about a lot of these. And I appreciate how God has used everything you have taught over the years to help increase my faith. I too am not cool or relevant nor do i want to be. A fellow worker, kendall.

  88. Rüdiger Johl on said:

    WOW!! that called “Set apart” or “called out”
    The sad truth is that our previous “pastor” always wanted to be “cool”

    his “church” became people friendly, and he became a “people pleaser”

    My conclusion is that you can’t be “Spirit friendly” if you are “people friendly” and not want to offend anyone. In the process you become liar and a cheat, and those following don’t realize the cost of discipleship, and knowing Him.

    Chip, I believe that every article of yours reaches every precious stone that Jesus can use as He builds His Church. Be blessed brother, as you minister to His Church.

  89. Laurie Petrisin on said:

    I aim to be as uncool as you, Chip lol,

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