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Exploring the true nature of the Ekklesia that Jesus is building, the real Fellowship of His Body, and the harlot church system that keeps God's people in bondage.

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4 Pillars of a Christ-Centered Faith

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We must tear down the flimsy structures we have built and rebuild upon the firm foundation of Christ. I offer the following Four Pillars as a basis upon which the Ekklesia can re-establish itself in the current age and ensure the continuity of an authentic, Biblical, Christ-Centered Faith for this generation and for however many will follow.

A Brief History of Called Out Peoples

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Just as God called out a remnant of Jews to leave Babylon and journey to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple, God has in these last days called out a remnant of Christians to leave “Churchianity” and take a journey through the wilderness. What is He bringing them to?

A Convenient Cult

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Jeroboam's concern is not for the people. His concern is not for the Lord, or for what the Lord requires. Jeroboam's concern is only for self-preservation: the safeguarding of his leadership, the continuance of his kingdom, the prolongation of his own life.

A Place for the Lord

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Jesus often withdrew to a lonely place. More and more, we are finding Christians in these "lonely places" who are praying, waiting, and wondering. I believe this is the first step towards finding a place for the Lord - sensing the Lord's Need for such a place.

A Religion of Fear

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My mission in life is to let people know that you don't have to go to Church to find God. God's favor doesn't depend upon the Church's favor. It just doesn't. Religion is fear-based, and Relationship is love-based, and you can have that relationship right now. You know, that's a revolutionary concept for most people.

A Warning to the Lukewarm

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Stop defending and protecting what God has already judged and set apart for destruction. Don’t be destroyed with it. Build your house on a rock so you can withstand this flood that’s coming upon the whole earth; or, just keep frittering your life away on stuff that doesn’t matter, and see where that leaves you when all hell breaks loose.

Blessed Are The Disillusioned

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We really ought to thank and praise God that people are sensing something of the Lord’s dissatisfaction with the way things are. Thank God for that disillusionment. People think disillusionment is a bad thing, but to be disillusioned means you have been stripped of your illusion so you can see what is real.

Bring Them to Christ

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When we hear the phrase, "bring people to Christ" we are apt to think in terms of tent revivals, evangelistic meetings, and missionary campaigns. I'd like to expand your horizons a bit and get you to see that the whole aim and purpose of God is to bring us to Christ - not once, but continually, daily, hour by hour, minute by minute.

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