My Mother and My Brothers

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If we could really see the Ekklesia for what it is – a family – then we will immediately know Who the Head of the family is, who the elders are, what they are supposed to do, who has authority, and who does not. We would no longer be concerned with a corporate structure, but we would simply relate to one another as members of the same family.

“While [Jesus] was still talking to the multitudes, behold, His mother and brothers stood outside, seeking to speak with Him. Then one said to Him, ‘Look, Your mother and Your brothers are standing outside, seeking to speak with You.’ But He answered and said to the one who told Him, ‘Who is My mother and who are My brothers?’ And He stretched out His hand toward His disciples and said, ‘Here are My mother and My brothers! For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother'” (Matthew 12:46-50 NKJV).

“One of the women in the crowd raised her voice and said to [Jesus], ‘Blessed is the womb that bore You and the breasts at which You nursed.’ But He said, ‘On the contrary, blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it’ (Luke 11:27,28 NASB).

Those still debating about the organization of “church” have not yet seen the Ekklesia as a family. And so their emphasis is on the proper government of “church”: is it a single pastor, or a plurality of elders? What are the relationships between pastors, deacons, elders, and presbyters? What about the relationships between apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers? Or are they for today? What about the women – can they hold a position or not? Where are the lines of authority? Who are we supposed to submit to? Who is our covering? Do we need a covering? And so on.

Many disputes arise as to how “church” should be organized and who should submit to whom. Millions of people have been killed over these disputes, and millions more have been abused – spiritually and emotionally, if not physically. These disputes have been with us for two millennia and have never been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

The only way to resolve a dispute along the lines of organization is to let go of the earthly altogether and embrace the spiritual reality. But for many (particularly those in leadership) this is simply too much to give up. Some will say, “But there is organization in the Bible.” And I would respond that there is a Spirit-and-Truth order in the Bible, but not organization along the lines of a corporate hierarchy, bureaucracy, or benevolent dictatorship. Those are all carnal expressions of carnal men. They are not for the Ekklesia.

If we really saw the Ekklesia we would no longer debate these issues at all. In fact, if we could really see the Ekklesia for what it is – a family – then we will immediately know Who the Head of the family is, who the elders are, what they are supposed to do, who has authority, and who does not. We would no longer be concerned with a corporate structure, but we would simply relate to one another as members of the same family.

The Ekklesia that Jesus is building is a spiritual house of living stones. This Ekklesia is a family, and “of [Jesus] the whole family in heaven and earth is named” (Ephesians 3:15). Which family? The family of believers. Some of the family is in heaven, while some of the family is on earth. In this family, God is Father, and Jesus is the Firstborn among many brothers and sisters (cf. Romans 8:29). When we become a disciple of Jesus we become members of a family, not members of an organization. This is one of the key differences between a living Ekklesia and a dead “church”.

That is what Jesus conveys to the people in the two instances illustrated from the Gospels. In the first case His mother and brothers were prevented from approaching Him because of the crowd. The Scriptures say that Jesus was still speaking to the multitudes when someone interrupted His teaching to tell Him that His mother and brothers had arrived and wanted to speak to Him. An ordinary person may have become angry over the interruption, or would have excused themselves from the crowd to go to say hello to his relatives. But Jesus is no ordinary person; He is the Son of the Most High God.

What He demonstrates to them (in word and in deed) is that everyone who does the will of God is His brother, sister, and mother; that is to say, all the members of His family are on equal ground before Him. In this family He plays no favorites, He gives no preferential treatment. He does not have special brothers and special sisters; all are equally precious, all are equally valuable in His sight. Others may argue over who will be the greatest and seek the recognition and praise from man with their title, degree, position, or gifting, but Jesus said, “It must not be so among you” (Matthew 20:26ff). If He makes no distinction among brothers and sisters then we dare not do so.

In the second case, as in the first, Jesus is teaching when someone interrupts Him. A woman calls out from the crowd and blesses Mary, the mother of Jesus. Again, an ordinary person may have been disturbed over this interruption, or might have started talking about how much they loved their mother. But once again, we see the uniqueness of the Lord Jesus, and we touch upon the depth of His wisdom and character.

Certainly Jesus loved His earthly mother. At the same time, with His keen discernment, Jesus perceived that this outburst of emotion was mere sentimentality. Though it was intended as a compliment, it came from the flesh, added nothing to His teaching, and only served to distract the people from Himself. With the benefit of 2,000 years of church history behind us, we can see how this kind of fleshly adulation over the mother of Jesus is, in and of itself, a tremendous distraction from Jesus Himself.

And so, for the benefit of the crowd (as well as for our benefit), Jesus speaks a gentle word of correction, one that honors His mother without idolizing her: “Yea rather…” the King James Version says; that is to say, “True enough, but get your eyes off of the earthly and onto the heavenly. There is a greater blessing to be had, and this blessing is not restricted to one woman, but this blessing is open and available to all who will have it.”

How is this blessing obtained? According to Jesus, those who hear the Word of God and obey it are blessed. And this is not surprising, since everything Jesus ever taught makes a plain distinction between people who merely listen to His teaching and those who actually put His teachings into practice. Blessed are they who hear it and keep it; while those who hear it, and do not practice it, are building on a sandy foundation that will collapse the moment they are challenged.

The principle thing in both cases is: what constitutes someone as a true brother or sister? And in both cases the answer is the same: doing the will of the Father; hearing the Word of God and keeping it. Doing the will of the Father is the same thing as hearing and keeping the Word of God. Simple obedience. Doing what the Father wants. Not hearing only, but hearing and doing.

Now the “church” is full of hearers. If we could qualify someone as a brother or sister merely on the basis of hearing then just about everyone would be included. It is common in many circles to address others as “Brother So-and-So” or “Sister So-and-So.” Presumably this means that we are all in the same family and we have the same Father. Yet these same “brothers” and “sisters” will never fellowship with anyone outside their little group. Their criteria is narrow – attend the same group as we do, or join the same denomination, and we will be brothers and sisters. This is a good example of hearing what Jesus says, even preaching what Jesus says, and then failing to put into practice the very truth they have just claimed to believe.

Bear in mind that what makes someone a part of this Family is not hearing, or accepting, or believing, or teaching the will of God – it is doing the will of God. Jesus did not call every religious person, “Brother” or “Sister”. This was a term of endearment for His true disciples. True disciples take it to heart and put it into practice. “IF you continue in My Word, then are you My disciples indeed” (John 8:31b). IF, IF, IF. What if you do not continue in His Word? Then you are not My disciples, and you are not My brother, or sister, or mother. To be in My Family you have to do the Will of My Father.

What about the others? Jesus would not acknowledge them as brothers and sisters. Why not? Because they did not have the same father. “You are of YOUR father the devil, and the desires of YOUR father you want to do” (John 8:44a). They heard the Word of God. They listened to the law and the prophets every Sabbath day. But they did not do the will of God. In fact, they did not desire the will of God at all; they lusted after the same things their father lusted after, and that did the devil’s bidding, not the Father’s.

On top of all the other trials and tribulations Paul endured, he mentioned being “in perils among false brethren” (II Corinthians 11:26b), and blamed part of his troubles on “false brethren secretly brought in, who came in by stealth to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage” (Galatians 2:4). False brothers! It is a strong word. But this is how false Christs, false apostles, false prophets, and false teachers make their beginning – as false brothers.

So the question that Jesus asked bears repeating today: Who is my brother? Who is my sister? Who is my mother? Certainly not everyone who says, “Lord! Lord!” will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. In similar manner, not everyone who says, “Brother! Brother!” is really a brother. Yet learning how to be a good brother or a good sister is the first thing Jesus wants to teach us. When we are born into this Family that is all we are – a brother or a sister. Every apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral, or teaching ministry must have, as its foundation, the spiritual depth and maturity of knowing how to “just” be a brother or sister. We skip this necessary preparation at our own peril, and the Family of God suffers as a result.

Jesus says, “I will declare Your Name to My brothers, in the midst of the Ekklesia will I sing praise to You!” (Hebrews 2:12). Nothing brings more pleasure to the Father’s heart, and gives our Lord Jesus more reason to rejoice, than to be with His brothers and sisters in the midst of the Ekklesia that He is building. If He is in the midst of the Ekklesia then that is where I want to be. May the Lord confirm this word to our heart. May His Will be done. Amen.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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  1. Julie November 22, 2010 at 7:43 am - Reply

    This is true and ever so more important as the days get increasingly evil and we need our family in Christ even more. There is not much worse than turning to what you thought was a brother or sister in CHRIST, during an hour of need, only to discover a cold, self righteous, selfish, pharissee staring down at you in harsh judgmentalism…..We need true family who loves us and is kind and compassionate. Take your time discerning if someone is a true sister or brother before you give them access to your heart and life.

    • Denise February 10, 2011 at 1:06 pm - Reply

      I agree that you need to really discern who is truely your brother or sister in Christ because there are wolf in sheep clothing that come in to lead brothers and sisters astray! If we stay connected to the true vine and continue to do the will of our Father our fellowship with one another will always bring God glory!

      • Suleiman Moses September 2, 2012 at 2:41 am - Reply

        I agree not everyone entering our churches is really a brother or sister.

  2. Deirdre May 12, 2013 at 12:00 pm - Reply

    Amen and Amen!

  3. Randy May 12, 2013 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    I had a church elder tell me about 15 years ago something that I will never forget. He said that the most ruthless person that I would ever encounter in my life is the christian. I couldn’t believe what he was telling me. This gentlemen had been asked to leave the church because he felt the need to leave his wife. The modern day church abandon him. They demonstrated the ruthlessness that he spoke of. I’ve learned not to trust the modern day church or any of its people.

    So how do you determine who to trust? How do you determine who is a follower of christ? We are all still human and of flesh and constantly battling against our own flesh. Does that mean that we are not followers of christ? That we are not part of the ekklesia because we do things that are wrong? Does it mean because I divorce my wife, have an affair on her, lie to my children, etc, that I am not a follower of christ? The message is confusing. The question is simple. How do I know that I am a follower of christ?

    • Mary May 13, 2013 at 2:44 am - Reply

      Hi, I hear what you are saying. It is good that you are brave enough to ask this question because it means you want to be real. Everything starts from being born again. You asked a simple question: don’t be offended at the simple answer.
      Go somewhere alone to be with Jesus. Speak to Him from your heart. Ask Him to forgive you your sin. Ask Him to come into your heart and your life to cleanse you and to make you new. Be ready to turn from everything you know to be wrong. This is the starting point, and if the starting point is real, then everything that follows will be real also.
      Thank You Lord for giving Your life for us and for making a way for us to be with You forever. Lord answer the search of Randy’s heart with the reality of change, as he surrenders himself to You. Lord bless him with courage to walk in Your footsteps, touch him mightily, and may he never be the same again. I ask this in the Precious Name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!

    • Lyn Sheri May 18, 2013 at 6:01 pm - Reply

      Dear Randy, just as Mary has said, do not despise a simple answer to your simple question.
      How shall you know if you are Christ’s disciple? Christ Himself will tell you, so ask Him. That simple. Ask Him yourself, and He will tell you, and you will hear Him and know it is Him (John 10:27). And trust not your ability to hear Him, but His true ability to speak very clearly and specifically to you and your understanding. Do not be surprised if His Words transform you 😉

  4. kenneth dawson May 12, 2013 at 12:44 pm - Reply

    I have always had trouble identifying people as actually being my brothers and sisters in the lord–upon reading your post I heard the being of god that lives in me remind me of that text of scripture in first john that says-we have Christ living inside of us and those who have Christ living inside of them will listen to us but those who do not have Christ living inside of them will not listen to us.this is how we shall discern the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.–thanks for the post.

    • Lyn Sheri May 18, 2013 at 5:44 pm - Reply

      Yes, I agree with you Kenneth 🙂 The Holy Spirit who is in you will witness to the Holy Spirit who is in me, and I will just know who my brother or sister in our heavenly family is. And to add to that, “[His] sheep hear [His] voice,” John 10:27. We hear His voice and recognize Him; we JUST KNOW. I thank God that we do not have to trust in our ability to hear God, but trust in His very ability to speak to us ever so clearly. Amen! Be blessed, my family 🙂

  5. Zeek May 12, 2013 at 1:02 pm - Reply

    The “church” in America has never experienced a corporate baptism of fire (Acts 8:1). Therefore many impurities have entered into her. And thus you have a culture and church that has mirrored the conditions that Ezekiel spoke against.

    Last week I witnessed students from a private school participate in a Marathon Bible Reading event that we had in our city at the courthouse in the middle of town. They had the students begin reading at Ezekiel 34.

  6. Valerie May 12, 2013 at 3:37 pm - Reply

    I sometimes wonder what it will take to bring Believers to this point. They don’t yet know us by our love. The fact that they will, to me, indicates there must be much more to come. How long Lord? I hope to be faithful to do my part!

  7. Eve-Loraine May 15, 2013 at 1:49 am - Reply

    I was hoping that someone would answer Randy. I will try. I think it is when you hear His voice (that quiet prompt within you) and do as He says. Has anyone got a clearer answer?
    If you don’t hear His voice cry out to Him until you do. Get really desperate so He knows you are serious.

  8. Pandora Brinker May 18, 2013 at 1:36 pm - Reply

    Thanks Chip.
    Very good teaching.

  9. Emmanuel Taddy August 16, 2013 at 10:50 am - Reply

    @ Randy asks” Does it mean because I divorce my wife, have an affair on her, lie to my children, etc, that I am not a follower of christ? The message is confusing. The question is simple. How do I know that I am a follower of christ?

    From brother Chip’s post, if you get the point he was making about what Christ said in John 8: 31b, then I guess your question would have been partly answered. He emphasized his point with an “IF”. As a follower of Christ may I ask, what does Christ teach about divorce, marital unfaithfulness, lying , etc? Christ said my sheep hear my voice and they follow me. We stumble and make mistakes in life, but if we consistently persist in these sins and our consciences are no longer pricked, then we need to go back to God in prayer and have him purge us again.

  10. Clare May 10, 2015 at 11:48 am - Reply

    Thank you AGAIN, Chip. Jesus’ name HAS been declared to the brethren in the midst of the Ekklesia , and not only do we rejoice in HIM but those who are your brothers and sisters in Christ rejoice in you also, our sister Karla, and all those with whom we fellowship with through the School of Christ. I am blessed to have you as my brother Chip! It is a comforting thought to know that there are many “out there” who are my brethren who I will get to enjoy in the life to come!…..all sharing the same blood – the blood of God’s First-Born Son, Jesus Christ! Amen.

  11. Timothy B May 10, 2015 at 5:07 pm - Reply

    Steve, it may seem self-evident to you who we are IN CHRIST. That is good for you to identify the “true” from the “false” brothers and sisters. But sometimes, they will accuse me of HATING my brother or sister; for trying to point out to them their “religious spirit” that permeates everything they say or do. What then??? I know that modern day Pharisees exist. They live by their Books and Traditions just like those of long ago did. All my love for them will not “enlighten” their deep spiritual blindness or soften the arrogance that holds their hearts. I pray for them and then as Jesus said, “Leave them alone.” So you see, our Brothers and Sisters (whether real or false) can grieve our hearts. And knowing how to distinguish such IS important. Why else would Jesus make this point? God bless you and everyone. Timothy B

    • Timothy May 14, 2017 at 12:27 pm - Reply

      It was so good for me to see my post here, and to be reminded of the “True” from the “False” Brothers and Sisters. I was at that point today, where I was wondering who ‘really IS’ my Brother or Sister? Then, your message came to me to remind me of that truth that had once come to me previously. I have seen with my own “eyes opened”, how those who cling to ‘an organized way’ of meeting and worshiping God, often mistake the “Church agenda/format” or “the Building” for being the very thing that Jesus Christ takes pleasure in! I too, struggled with the ‘others’ who were labelled as “Cultists” because they didn’t “fix in” with the Orthodox Definition of what is considered “sound doctrinal teaching”. But now I see that most all Christian Churches could likely fall into that category of being “Cults”, in one sense or another. This is because they are all drawing upon their own ways and means of ‘holding on to’ their own members. Some use exclusionary methods to shun those who do not think, say, or do as what they do. I say this not to condemn them, but to show how Jesus did NOT come to set up ‘their form’ of religious indoctrination! God help us to see that the faith of the true believers will “come down” from God out of Heaven, and will not be “of this world”. Amen

  12. molly May 11, 2015 at 2:13 am - Reply

    i always praise and thank God for you Dear Chip the awesome teachings i have been reading and learned experiencing the living Christ Jesus . for the past years .This extremely beautiful and many should come to know the truth of God . i find many called Born again Christians not walking to the love of Christ jumping out from the churches and enjoying the worship but not transformed as they are not surrendered their life to Jesus completely in every way . it is really disheartening . and at times my spirit grieves the way people dress entering for worship in spirit and truth ! Thank you so much and i pray many be changed through reading your wonderful teachings expressed in boldness of Christ centered manner .Blessings

  13. Lynne Clark May 13, 2015 at 3:58 am - Reply

    I love it, every word of it, so true, amen, praise the Lord for your ministry Chip, it is so encouraging, I need this and other messages as I am trying to listen to what the Lord says to me regarding His church and not get involved with organized religion, it is hard to stay out of it because of people’s expectations, but step my step, I am making it, thank you so much for being open and honest with us listenhers and readers, you are a blessing to the body of Christ. It is true we are all brothers and sisters in the Lord, what a blessing!

  14. Rusty Sullivan May 8, 2016 at 12:18 pm - Reply

    Good article, my brother, just wanted to say that I’m a part of a house church that really have one thing in common and that is to be and know him more, so as we gather and share a meal and sing and have a study or talk around his word, we grow in him , not putting any pressure on each other about how we should perform, that belongs in THE BUILDING, I think we’ve had enough of that through the years, we are just letting Holy Spirit have his way and I’ve got to tell you, I can’t wait for Thursday evenings to come, we usually start flocking together @ 6 30 ish and I’ve seen me leave @ midnight and beyond, just hard to leave, God is good if you let him run things and don’t try to run them in the fleshly manner we were so accustomed to through the years, some times we have between 18 to 30 people show up and every room is occoupied with something going on , could be eating, singing, someone praying for someone else, sharing, etc, it’s just a natural blessing going on, and that’s before we even get together to minister to him as a corporate body. so there is some house churches that are happening that are doing well , so be encouraged out there fellow believers ,there’s one for you to, not easy to find but when you do you will know, let him lead you, he knows where you fit. God bless you all. Rusty

  15. Pandora (Thomas) Brinker May 8, 2016 at 2:46 pm - Reply

    I needed this today more than any other day. Thanks

  16. alison May 8, 2016 at 5:45 pm - Reply

    A good exposition of family life in Christ and who is our ‘real’ family. Well described. I have found it is with our spirit or our spiritual eyes that we discern who is our true brother or sister, and mother or father in Christ, but at the same time we are all of our Adamic nature and will let each other down from time to time regardless. Christ therefore is our mother, father, sister and brother – first and foremost. When I met Christ supernaturally, I was rejected by my whole natural family, my husband and children, and eventually the ‘religious church system’. It is a process people often go through but with God’s help and his overcoming spirit, you see them all as Christ would see them. I am now 34 years down the track and my faith is even stronger but my family have still not met Christ in any way and the church system has long gone from my life. Psalm 68:6 says “God setteth the solitary in families: he bringeth out those which are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry land”.
    We pray for those who are not yet ‘Christ’s and our family members too, no matter how long it takes and bear His reproach outside church and family borders. I work in the ‘market place’ these days and remain sensitive to God when he is ‘fingering’ people and drawing them to Himself in these ‘last days’ or this ‘end time’ era. It is a solitary walk with Jesus in this world, when we are completely ‘sold out’ to Him. The way of the Cross……………..God bless

  17. Barbara Fanta May 8, 2016 at 9:15 pm - Reply

    Thank you for this post. It helps me in my walk to examine my own heart and actions — am I a true sister in Christ? Or do I rely on a FORM of godliness? I don’t see your words so much as warning me against false brothers, but from being a false sister. Thank you.

  18. Louise Wilds May 8, 2016 at 9:56 pm - Reply

    My understanding is that if we have a problem, we go to the Lord and ask Him to show us the way to go. He will not lead you astray form His word. His word is true yesterday, today and forever. He may show you His answer by dreams, by seeing it go before you or past you, He may speak softly to you or have someone else speak to you what you need to hear. Remember it is not going against His Word.if someone does tell you “That the Lord said for you to do this or to do that”. Sometimes we have it fixed in our mind what we think is God talking to us and He does at times but He works in many ways to get His work accomplished, We need to trust Him and put our faith in Him, stand on that solid rock. that He has for us. I think the main thing for us is read His Word, talk to Him daily, sing songs to Him and let Him show us the way.

  19. Sandrine May 8, 2016 at 10:02 pm - Reply

    At the beginning of the reading it a little revived my emotional pain (much less strong) and so revived my fatigue just by reading these lines which made me go back up bad memory…

    Wow… Like this text is wonderful! It teaches us wonderful things and there are so many things so true and so important to remember, to keep in head and to put into practice, and that we can read in this article… and it underlines for us the Jesus’ love for us all… without preference… no preferential treatment…

    If God allows me one day to see Jesus and His greatness… for not to be afraid… I shall try to remember that He is… my older brother… 🙂

  20. LaTonya May 9, 2016 at 1:06 am - Reply

    What a beautiful gift in my inbox on Mother’s Day. I can say the eldets in the Ekkelsia are the matured Christ centered brothers and it had nothing to do with chronos years, which I learned from the School of Christ old website. When i read elders in this article the meaning just came forth. Thankful. Brother Chip you have had another cross experience and resurrection. One can SEE so in this heavenly inspired article. Blessings.

  21. Nancy E. Williams May 9, 2016 at 1:16 am - Reply

    Thank you for teaching with great clarity, Brother Chip. You are very appreciated.

  22. Lizette May 9, 2016 at 9:34 am - Reply

    When we focus in the organizations we are going to be very discourage. We we stay looking at Jesus and the Ekklessia we will be able to give in love what we have which is the Life of Jesus in us. Religious organizations makes us angry. It is contrary of what Jesus taught. We see in the Scriptures how Jesus tell us to be away from the religious hypocrite people that makes organization for their benefits or because ignorance blind their eyes. We the calls out should focus in the Life and in the Word as our food daily. Jesus will continue increasing in us as our Life to we can give what we should give, The Life of Jesus to others. The kingdom is spread through love because Jesus is Love Himself. Jesus will be the only one will judge everything is no in Him or by Him. I am glad Jesus keep us out of the organizations for us to impart real life. His Life is our treasure, His Life and word we spread as seeds so they can grow for the salvation of mankind. Jesus is the owner of the farm, we as workers plants the sees for Him. I encourage you to look at the Life and keep the organizations away. I encourage of the calls out to get into the Life and share it so the Ekklessia can grow strong in grace.

  23. jeff May 11, 2016 at 1:55 am - Reply

    When you live in daily communion with your bro/sis in christ, under the same roof, it can be quite the revelation of the bro/sis you think you are to them and they are to you,this goes for those who are part of the ekklesia as well!If you don’t think so try it,you may find it to be quite the expierence

  24. Kooswi May 11, 2016 at 4:06 am - Reply

    God’s name be glorified. As we get closer to the fullness of time He is revealing himself better.

  25. Marthe May 14, 2017 at 9:13 pm - Reply

    Merci frère Chip, pour cet enseignement très clair !

    Mon Dieu, Mon Père, apprends moi à être comme tu voudrais que je sois dans le nom de Jésus !

  26. Clement May 17, 2017 at 9:52 am - Reply

    Who is my brother or sister? Very difficult to know in this end time church, when it is the love for materials that is stronger than the love for the brethren. When you have the means, people tend to love you but when you are going through hard time, you lost all dignity even among brethren. Your write up has opened my eyes to see more light. Thanks for your care

  27. Sandrine May 21, 2017 at 5:57 am - Reply

    Thank you Chip,
    Even more understanding with the re-reading of this text.

    I think I saw that there was no real teaching in the churches to learn to grow in the Lord and to do His Will … So the new spiritual babies remain with their sufferings, their … anger … and always act as the model observed among other Christians … their own thoughts and ideas, actions judged righteous, desires … with which everybody is persuaded that God is in agreement with…
    So, when I see that they do not do the Will of God … I wonder … are they all false brothers and sisters?

  28. Alex Voon May 27, 2017 at 1:05 am - Reply

    Thank you Chip for this very good message, you are absolutely correct. I feel sad that all my former church members are drowning because of the doctrines of men authenticated in all the churches worldwide. The deception is very grave. They are manipulated to be faithful to the Church and fully listen to their pastors as if the pastor knows everything. As such they will never wake up from their blindness. We are to be faithful to do all the Word of God but Not the church organization as you have taught here. Some are false brothers and some are lost sheep being led astray by the churches and I could do nothing about it. The church (false pastor) is quick to label anyone who argue with it’s doctrine as a heretic. The present day churches are in control and we can do nothing about it. Perhaps some or very few will be set freed from the traps of the church system. Seems only few will be saved as many in the churches worldwide being misled shall perish walking into the wide gate that leads to death.

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