“Called… out of darkness into His marvelous Light.” -1 PETER 2:9

The significant thing to be seen in Creation (and the encouraging thing to us spiritually) is that God, being God, could not and would not, permit this chaos, confusion, and darkness to continue indefinitely. His nature is to bring order, coherency, purposeful intention, and Light into the world.

We owe our physical life to the fact that God acted upon the chaos that existed in Genesis 1 and commanded Light to come forth. And we owe our spiritual life to the fact that God acts upon the chaos and darkness of our lives and commands His Light to come forth. The calling forth of Light out of Darkness is a spiritual principle that teaches us the ways of God. See how He sets aside Darkness with only a single command: “Let there be Light.” It is even more simple in the Hebrew: “Light: BE!” And so it was.

Source: The Irresistible Kingdom by Chip Brogden

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